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An educational website...

This website ""   is an online blog-like site designed to guide the kids, students  for completing their educational programs. In future the plan is to add other subjects from other educational programs and ecommerce for some digital products for them.

About Me

Idea and Overview

This is an educational website created by a single person (myself) . I am a person working in multinational IT industry. I have completed my BE in computer science and Engineering , MBA in Human resources and management  and Doctorate in Human resources and management too. My hobby involves engaging in the process of learning and acquiring knowledge for personal enjoyment and intellectual growth. While it is often associated with formal education or academic pursuits.I have a lifelong learning mindset. It encourages me  to continuously seek new knowledge, broaden my understanding of the world, and stay intellectually curious. It offers an opportunity to explore diverse subjects beyond the scope of formal education.

Future additions

Topics will be  kept on adding  for many learning activities as well as academic books in future. Everything comes with a cost. I am also going to add digital products to be sold which are entertaining for kids and students .


The future aim of this website is to give a good understanding of couple of  subjects taught in school and colleges. I have started with learning for kids and will gradually add school/college  courses .I am also working on creating the video tutorials for the explanations, solutions given in the website. This will happen gradually. I have also plans to develop an app for android mobiles which can be used by students to get the things handy and easily available. This website ,the you tube videos and app comes advertisement-free .

Benefits and Limitations

Learners can see the explanations from this website and they can also understand the explanation through video tutorials from you-tube channel (in progress) . For a good sequential learning , the explainer video will be getting added with  respective chapters too.This website does not contain all the subjects .Direct text copying is disabled from this website by adding only the screenshots

Requesting Feedback

I'd appreciate your thoughts on my work—your feedback helps me improve and grow. Please share your insights; they're invaluable to me.

About Edustart

I will Love to Work for You

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