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Panchatantra Story : The Lion and the Hare

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, lived a mighty lion named Sheru. Sheru was known for his strength and power. One day, while roaming through the forest, he came across a little hare named Hina.

The hare, seeing the lion, became frightened and tried to escape. But Sheru, being swift and strong, caught up to her in no time. The hare, trembling with fear, pleaded for her life, "Oh mighty lion, please spare me! I promise to be of help to you someday."

The lion, amused by the hare's plea, laughed heartily and said, "How can a tiny creature like you ever be of help to me? Nonetheless, I will spare your life. Go, little hare!"

Days passed, and one hot summer day, a severe drought struck the forest. The water sources were drying up, and the animals were struggling to find water to quench their thirst. The lion, too, was suffering from thirst and felt weak. Remembering the hare's promise, Sheru thought, "Maybe the hare can help me now." So, he decided to seek out Hina. Finding her near a small pond, the lion approached her and said, "Dear Hina, I am in dire need of water. Can you show me a water source?"

The clever hare, realizing her chance to repay the lion's mercy, smiled and said, "Certainly, mighty lion! Follow me."Hina led Sheru through the forest to a hidden spring, surrounded by lush greenery. The lion drank to his heart's content and felt rejuvenated. He thanked the hare for her help and acknowledged her resourcefulness.

From that day on, Sheru and Hina became good friends. The lion realized that strength alone was not enough, and sometimes, intelligence and cleverness could save the day.

The moral of the story is that intelligence and wit are valuable assets that can overcome physical strength.



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