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Panchatantra Story : The Crane and the Crab

Once upon a time, in a beautiful lakeside, there lived a wise crane named Chandaraka. One day, as Chandaraka was wandering near the shore, he noticed a crab named Bandhanaka struggling to move.

Curious, Chandaraka approached Bandhanaka and asked, "Dear Bandhanaka, why are you moving so slowly and facing such difficulty?"

Bandhanaka replied sadly, "Oh, wise crane, I have a terrible affliction. I am unable to walk properly on land, and I fear for my life. The water is my true home, but I must venture onto land to find food."

Hearing this, Chandaraka felt compassion for the crab and said, "Bandhanaka, do not worry. I can help you. I will carry you on my back to the water, where you will be safe."

Bandhanaka was relieved and gladly accepted the crane's offer. Chandaraka carefully picked up Bandhanaka with his beak and flew to the nearby lake, gently placing the crab in the water.

Bandhanaka thanked Chandaraka profusely and expressed his gratitude. The crane smiled and said, "It was my pleasure to help you, Bandhanaka. Remember, true friends are always there for each other."

Days passed, and the friendship between Chandaraka and Bandhanaka grew stronger. One day, as Chandaraka was enjoying the peacefulness of the lake, he noticed a delicious-looking fish swimming near the shore.Thinking of his friend, Chandaraka decided to catch the fish as a gift for Bandhanaka. He skillfully caught the fish with his beak and flew back to the shore, eager to share the treat.

Upon reaching the shore, Chandaraka called out to Bandhanaka, "Bandhanaka, my dear friend, I have brought you a scrumptious fish. Come and enjoy it with me."

However, as soon as Bandhanaka heard this, he revealed his true nature. He sneered at Chandaraka and said, "You foolish crane! Did you think I would remain indebted to you forever? Now that I have the opportunity, I will not spare you."

With those words, Bandhanaka lunged at Chandaraka, attempting to attack him. But Chandaraka, with his sharp reflexes, swiftly lifted himself into the air and out of Bandhanaka's reach.

Looking down at Bandhanaka, Chandaraka spoke with disappointment, "Bandhanaka, I helped you in your time of need, expecting nothing in return. But you have shown me treachery instead of gratitude. Remember, those who deceive their friends are destined to suffer."

And with that, Chandaraka flew away, leaving Bandhanaka to his own fate. From that day on, Bandhanaka lived with regret and loneliness, realizing the true value of trust and friendship.

The moral of the story is that true friendship is based on trust and loyalty. It reminds us to be cautious of those who take advantage of our kindness and to value the bonds of friendship with sincerity and honesty.



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