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Panchatantra Story : The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived a mighty lion named Simha. One day, while taking a nap under a shady tree, Simha felt a tickling sensation on his paw. Startled, he woke up and saw a small mouse named Chintu scurrying across his paw.

Simha, in his fury, roared at the little mouse and said, "How dare you disturb my sleep, you insignificant creature! I could crush you with a single paw. Prepare to meet your end!"

Chintu, trembling with fear, begged for mercy and said, "Oh great lion, please spare my life! I am small and harmless. If you let me go, I promise that one day I will repay your kindness."

Amused by the tiny mouse's plea, Simha couldn't resist laughing. He thought, "What harm could this little mouse possibly do to me?" So, he decided to show mercy and let Chintu go.

Months passed, and one day, Simha found himself trapped in a hunter's net. He struggled and roared, but the net only tightened around him. His mighty strength seemed useless against the hunter's trap.

Hearing Simha's cries, Chintu, who happened to be nearby, rushed to the lion's aid. The brave little mouse gnawed and chewed at the ropes of the net until they finally gave way. Simha was freed, thanks to Chintu's efforts.Grateful and humbled by the mouse's act of bravery, Simha apologized for his earlier arrogance and said, "Chintu, you have proven that size and strength are not the only measures of courage. I was wrong to underestimate you. From this day forward, I consider you a true friend."

From that moment on, Simha and Chintu became inseparable friends. They helped and protected each other, and their friendship was admired by all the animals in the jungle.

The moral of the story is that kindness and compassion should be shown to all, regardless of their size or stature. It teaches us that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a significant impact and that true friendships can develop in unexpected places.



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