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Panchatantra Story : The Blue Jackal

Completely coated in blue dye, the jackal scurried back to the forest, overwhelmed by embarrassment and fear. As the jackal entered the forest, the other animals caught sight of it and were instantly frightened, mistaking it for a peculiar and formidable creature.

Recognizing the advantageous position he had found himself in, the blue jackal, known for his quick wit and cunning, decided to seize the opportunity to better his life. He let out a resounding howl, attracting all the animals in the vicinity, who trembled in both fear and awe.

Capitalizing on the moment, the blue jackal spoke with a deep and authoritative voice, "Fear not, fellow animals. I have been sent by the divine forces to safeguard this forest. Henceforth, I shall assume the role of your king."

Believing the blue jackal to be a celestial being, the animals bowed down in reverence and accepted him as their ruler. Reveling in his newfound position, the blue jackal relished a life of opulence and abundance. The other animals dutifully brought him food, and he relished his regal existence.

However, as time passed, the blue jackal's fortune began to wane. One fateful night, while indulging in a lavish feast, the blue jackal's inflated ego led him astray. Succumbing to temptation, he could not resist emitting a howl in his natural voice.

Upon hearing this familiar sound, the animals realized that their king was, in reality, merely a jackal like themselves. Feeling deceived and betrayed, they pounced upon the blue jackal, expelling him from their territory.

Limping and bruised, the blue jackal retreated to a distant corner of the forest. It was at that moment that he comprehended the repercussions of his actions and acknowledged that his true identity as a jackal could not remain concealed indefinitely.

Henceforth, the blue jackal adopted a humble existence, accepting himself for who he truly was. He imbibed the importance of honesty and integrity, understanding that genuine respect and friendship could not be built upon deception.

The moral of this story resonates in the notion that pretense and deceit can only lead to adversity in the end. It imparts the significance of embracing our authentic selves, as authentic relationships are founded upon honesty and genuineness.


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